How Much Does Therapy Dog Training Cost
Therapy Training

How Much Does Therapy Dog Training Cost

  • October 14, 2021

Group Dog Training Classes CostThe average price for group dog training classes is $120 to $600 for a 6 to 8-week package deal or around $20 to $25 per lesson. Professional Dog Training CostPetco Dog Training CostPetco dog training costs $109 for a 6-week program which teaches the basics such as sit, down, stay, leave it, and heel. Service Dog Training CostService dog training costs $120 per hour on average, and in some cases, the recipient gets the dog for free from a nonprofit. Service Dog Training Cost Service Type Average Cost Therapy Dog $30 per session or $250/8 sessions Guide Dog Free Hearing Dog $1,000 to train, but given free Protection Dog $120 per hour Search and Rescue Dog $2,500 to $5,000What Do Service Dogs Do? Therapy Dog Training CostTherapy dog training costs $30 per session or $250 for 8-sessions.

2021 Dog Training Costs

Dog Training Cost

The average cost of dog training is $30 to $80 per class with most spending about $50 per hour. Dog obedience training schools cost $200 to $600 per week while boot camp kennel training runs $500 to $1,250 per week. Prices average $120 per hour to train a service dog for support, therapy, or protection purposes.

Dog Training Cost Per Class

Dog Training Cost


Average Cost$50Minimum Cost$20Maximum Cost$120Average Range




Is your dog jumping up, barking, chewing, digging, and biting? Does s/he have separation anxiety? Would you like your dog to learn some cool tricks or pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test—required in some apartment complexes? Private dog trainers are specialists who use advanced techniques to modify dog behavior positively. Here's everything you need to know about dog training.

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Dog Training Prices

You can get your dog obedience training through either private lessons or group classes through dog daycare operations and pet stores to take care of most or all of these issues. Group dog training classes cost $30 to $50 per session, while private training costs $45 to $120 per hour. For boot camps or obedience training schools, expect to spend $35 to $75 per day.

Dog Training Price ListTypeCost Per ClassGroup Training$30 – $50 per classPrivate Training$45 – $120 per classObedience Training$35 – $75 per dayBoot Camp$500 – $1,250 per weekService Dog Training$120 per hour

Getting a dog trained to learn good habits or get rid of his bad ones can take a while. Some prefer to send the dog away for a few weeks to do intensive training, while others prefer to do weekly lessons in a group setting. Either way, know from the get-go exactly what your end goals are for your dog’s behavior and obedience training. No matter which path you take, all dogs must be vaccinated before training begins, and everything taught by the dog trainer needs to be repeated at home.

Professional Dog Trainer At the Park Giving Commands

Group Dog Training Classes Cost

The average price for group dog training classes is $120 to $600 for a 6 to 8-week package deal or around $20 to $25 per lesson. Most packages lasting a minimum of six weeks are recommended to best train the dog using positive reinforcement and improving communication with your dog.

6 – 8 Week Package DealsTypeAverage CostGroup Training$120 – $200Private Training$210 – $600

Group obedience lessons are a better long-term choice for the pet owners if you want to remember all the commands and training tools. Even with boarding a dog while training him or her, the pet parents and family members still have to be present for a hand-over lesson at the end to learn these.

Dog trainers offer different levels of obedience training programs, with puppy classes, basic training, courses for adult dogs, and advanced training being the norms. Agility lessons can be great fun for children and their dogs, and it makes for a good summer day camp experience for both.

If you have to miss classes, let your trainer know in advance and ask if you can make up the lost class another time, but try to stick with a full block of sequential lessons, so neither you nor the dog forgets the previous one.

A Group of Dogs Listen to the Commands of the Dog Trainer

Dog Obedience Training Cost

Private dog obedience schools will cost between $45 to $120 per session, or $1 to $2 per minute for each 45- to 60-minute class. The cost of private dog training depends on the size, age, and breed of dog; the location of the dog training sessions; and the level of habit adjustment needed. Evaluations are given before training starts, sometimes for an additional cost of $75.

Single dog training sessions start at $45 per hour, but because basic obedience training is only as successful as the consistency of its implementation, it makes sense to buy a package of three to ten dog-training classes up front, which can reduce the cost of each private session to $35–$75 per day. Most trainers are willing to come to your home for private training sessions at an additional cost. Others will take your dog for day training, and then your dog gets to stay with you at night.

The goal of private dog obedience training can go far beyond basic commands like sit or lie down. A good trainer will observe the dog’s interactions with each member of the family and train him or her to respect them all. Private training can also help with jumping up, separation anxiety, barking, chewing, digging, socialization with other dogs and people, and biting.

Group Of Dogs With Owners At Dog Training Obedience Class

Dog Boot Camp Cost

Also known as board and train or kennel and train programs, doggy boot day camp can cost $45–$75 per day or your dog will stay at the dog-training facility for a few weeks for prices from $500–$1,250 per week. While dog boot camp costs more, your dog will get customized training based wholly on his disobedience issues, which could take longer to fix in group classes.

Professional Dog Training Cost

Professional Dog Training Cost Chart

Petco Dog Training Cost

Petco dog training costs $109 for a 6-week program which teaches the basics such as sit, down, stay, leave it, and heel. Petco regularly offers specials on their classes where you can find deals for around $80.

Petsmart Dog Training Cost

Petsmart dog training costs $120 for a 6-week program or $105 with a coupon. Petsmart offers three stages of classes: puppy, intermediate and advanced. Puppy teaches the basic commands such as sit, down, come, shake, stay, and loose leash walking. Intermediate is all of the basic commands but with the D's which are duration, distraction, and distance. This class helps you control your dog from a distance no matter the distractions going on around you.

Service Dog Training Cost

Service dog training costs $120 per hour on average, and in some cases, the recipient gets the dog for free from a nonprofit. Service dogs are taught to support people with anxiety and psychiatric issues, bring objects to a person, recognize low blood sugar, protect people’s heads during an epileptic seizure, and give emotional support during a PTSD episode.

Service Dog Training CostService TypeAverage CostTherapy Dog$30 per session or $250/8 sessionsGuide DogFreeHearing Dog$1,000 to train, but given freeProtection Dog$120 per hourSearch and Rescue Dog$2,500 to $5,000

Guide Dog Training To Help A Blind Man Through The City

What Do Service Dogs Do?

According to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), a “service animal is a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.” As such, they are working animals trained to do specific tasks that help a person with a mental or physical disability.

Some service dog trainers offer specialized training in protection, tracking, diabetic alerts, and emotional support. Some trainers can assess and train dogs as therapy dogs, while others train dogs for movie and TV work. 

Therapy Dog Training Cost

Therapy dog training costs $30 per session or $250 for 8-sessions. A therapy dog is different from a service dog in that it reads people’s levels of stress, provides comfort, anxiety relief, and support rather than a set of task-oriented services. Therapy dogs are used in settings like hospitals or children’s homes. A personal therapy dog will not be given the same access to public property a service dog will. Also, many dog therapy classes teach the pet owner how to recognize stress in the dog.

Therapy Dog Visiting Patients In Hospital After Training

Cost of Training a Guide Dog

A guide dog is trained to lead blind or visually impaired people. Guide dogs are free to blind or visually impaired individuals, thanks to the generosity of the public and the 251 volunteers it takes to turn a puppy into a guide dog.

Cost of Training a Hearing Dog

It costs $1,000 to train and place one hearing dog when combined with volunteers’ time, but the recipient gets the dog for free, thanks to grants, donations, and sponsorships. A hearing dog is trained to recognize certain sounds, like doorbells, smoke alarms, or crying children, and to alert the hearing-impaired owner and bring him or her to the source of the noise. Dog owners can also get their current dog trained to be a hearing dog if s/he has the right temperament for the training. It will cost about $6,000 if paying for it yourself.

Protection Dog Training Cost

Protect dog training costs $120 per hour on average. Protection service dogs can aid in diabetic support and can recognize low blood sugar. Also, they protect people’s heads during an epileptic seizure.

Search and rescue dog training takes about 600 hours and costs $2,500 to $5,000 for basic training, and $15,000 to $20,000 for full instruction. Search and rescue dogs are trained to find missing children and adults. “We like to begin training a dog as young as 12 weeks of age, but older dogs are also considered. Wilderness search dogs must be trained and certified in one of three methods: tracking, trailing, air scent, or cadaver” (Ohio Valley and Search rescue). Additional training is for water search, avalanche, and disaster tracking. [1]

Search And Rescue Dog Training on the Water - German Shepherd Service Dog

Dog Training Questions & Requirements

What Is The Best Age To Train A Dog?

Puppies can learn basic commands such as “sit” and “drop” as early as seven weeks old, and experts recommend gradually introducing puppies to other dogs and people at that age, too, so that they don’t develop bad behavioral habits based on fear.

Puppy classes also help settle biting and barking issues early. Obedience training usually starts at the age of six months and teaches a dog things like immediately coming when called and behaving while off leash.

What Vaccinations Does My Dog Need?

Puppies need to have at least their first dose of vaccinations before attending socialization classes, and deworming treatment. They must stay on their vet’s schedule for future vaccinations as well and have their 6-, 12-, and 16-week vaccinations against distemper, measles, parainfluenza, adenovirus, parvovirus, and rabies before starting obedience training. Optional vaccines are for kennel cough, Lyme disease, coronavirus, and leptospirosis. If you are bringing an older dog to obedience training, s/he must have a current rabies shot.

Do Trainers Work With Aggressive Behavior Dogs?

You won’t be able to bring your aggressive dog to a group lesson, but most trainers will come to you for private classes, for a higher price of about $125/hour. Evaluations can be done before training starts, sometimes for an additional cost of $45–75.

What Is Reward Vs. Punishment-Based Dog Training?

Know in advance which type of training you’re looking for—rewards based or punishment based. Interview the trainers you’re researching to see which training methods they use with dogs to make sure you are comfortable with their handling of your dog.

  • Rewards based – Reward with food, praise, or sounds.
  • Punishment based – Choke or shock the dog when bad behavior is chosen.

Do Dog Trainers Need Certification?

While there are no state laws regarding professional standards for dog obedience training, many registers with the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers—an organization that highlights the need for ongoing education. Many of the best trainers are those who have been working with dogs for many years with more experienced trainers, or who have taken many courses.

Where Does Dog Training Take Place?

Dog obedience trainers usually have a facility for hosting individual and group classes. They will charge travel fees if they need to come to you at approximately $1 per mile from their location.

Who Should Attend Classes?

It makes no sense only to have one household member at the obedience training classes, as everyone in the house must agree on following the command-and-reward system the dog learns. If not, s/he will fall back into old habits quickly, and the money spent on classes gets wasted.

What Should I Bring?

Bring treats your dog loves to the classes. Most trainers help you train your dog on a rewards-based system, so you’ll need treats that will persuade him/her to do what’s asked to get one. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Dog Training Commands List

According to Inside Dogs World, there are 15 essential commands to teach your dog as seen in this dog training commands list:

Dog Training Commands ListDog CommandWatch MeSitDownStayHeelWaitComeOffTake It & Drop ItLeave ItOutPlace, Bed, CrateStandNoSettle Down

Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted dog trainers:

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[1] National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF); Highland Canine Training; Alpha Team K9 Search and Rescue

How To Train a Therapy Dog: Learning If Your Dog Is Fit For

How To Train a Therapy Dog: Learning If Your Dog Is Fit For

How To Train a Therapy Dog: Learning If Your Dog Is Fit For

Can Any Dog Be a Therapy Dog? So what makes a good therapy dog and how do pups and people become a therapy dog team? However, it’s not fair to give a dog a job that it doesn’t want.”Would Your Dog Make a Good Therapy Dog? She also emphasizes that therapy dog work is as good for the person as it is for the dog. Tips For How To Train A Therapy DogLearning to train a therapy dog is no easy task, and often requires a lot of work on behalf of both the dog and the handler.

Therapy Dog Training in Topeka, KS

Therapy Dog Training in Topeka, KS

Therapy Dog Training in Topeka, KS

Therapy Dog CertificationThe American Kennel Club (AKC) Therapy Dog Program qualifies a dog to work in certain settings as a certified therapy dog. There are a limited number of organizations that can certify a dog to hold the AKC Therapy Dog title. How to get therapy dog training... Organized therapy dog groups provide resources including educational materials and liability insurance for therapy dogs and their handlers. Visit the AKC website to learn more about the qualifications for an AKC Therapy Dog.

Welcome to Shore Service Dogs

Welcome to Shore Service Dogs

Welcome to Shore Service Dogs

Shore Service Dogs provides training for dogs and their handlers who wish to become a Therapy Dog team. To be accepted into this advanced training program, dogs must first possess their American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen certification . BACK TO TOPAbout Therapy Dog InternationalTDI is a volunteer group organized to provide qualified handlers and their Therapy Dogs for visitations to institutions, facilities, and other places where Therapy Dogs are utilized. Shore Service Dogs' Therapy Dog program is comprised of a series of group training sessions with both dogs and owners in a therapy environment. BACK TO TOPTraining Schedule and FeesShore Service Dogs trainers volunteer their time for the Therapy Dog class.

AKC Therapy Dog Program – American Kennel Club

AKC Therapy Dog Program – American Kennel Club

AKC Therapy Dog Program – American Kennel Club

Therapy dogs, the dogs who will be earning the AKC Therapy Dog™ title, do not have the same special access as service dogs. How to Earn the Title: QualificationsTo earn an AKC Therapy Dog™ title, you and your dog must meet the following criteria:Certified/registered by an AKC recognized therapy dog organization. A special Canine Partners Therapy Dog Enrollment Form is available for mixed breed Therapy Dogs needing to obtain a dog number in order to receive their Therapy Dog Title. Apply for an AKC Therapy Dog TitleIf your dog meets the criteria and you would like to apply for an AKC Therapy Dog title, please complete this AKC Therapy Dog Title Application and mail to the AKC address shown on the application with a $25 recording fee. Add Canine Good Citizen to Therapy Dog TitlesEffective July 2015, dogs who are registered with an AKC recognized therapy organization and have earned an AKC Therapy Dog Title may receive the official Canine Good Citizen Title when the owner submits the CGC Therapy Dog Grandfather Application.

Can Your Dog Be a Therapy Dog? See If Your Pup's Got the Right

Can Your Dog Be a Therapy Dog? See If Your Pup's Got the Right

Can Your Dog Be a Therapy Dog? See If Your Pup's Got the Right

Expert dog trainers weigh in on how to train your dog to be a therapy dog and the positive impact these animals have on their communities. Although many people use the terms therapy dog and service dog interchangeably, they are not the same. "Most people have no idea that the terms service dog, therapy dog, emotional support animal, and comfort animal are not all interchangeable. So what determines whether a specific dog will be successful as a therapy dog or not? Does your dog have the following temperament traits of a good therapy dog?

How To Afford A Service Dog

How To Afford A Service Dog

How To Afford A Service Dog

Before you or a family member get a service dog, check your local laws about eligibility requirements and plan how you will be able to afford one. Service dogs vs. emotional support dogsService dogs differ from emotional support dogs in that a service dog is trained to perform a job that their owner cannot. Before your service dog comes home, you’ll want to prepare your living space with dog food, toys and other pet supplies. Although you’re not required to go through an ADI-accredited program to get a service dog, doing so ensures that the service dog received the care and comprehensive training needed to successfully serve your needs. Landlords are required as part of the Fair Housing Act to make reasonable accommodations to service dogs, so don’t assume that only expensive apartment complexes will allow service dogs.

Service Dog Costs 101: How to Budget for a Canine Companion

Service Dog Costs 101: How to Budget for a Canine Companion

Service Dog Costs 101: How to Budget for a Canine Companion

The difference between a service animal and an emotional support animal is a service animal receives specialized training to perform specific tasks. In some cases, a dog that you already own may not even be a service dog candidate. Trained Service Dog CostsIt takes a lot of training for a service dog to be skilled enough to aid a person with a disability. According to the National Service Animal Registry, the average cost of a service dog is around $15,000-$30,000 upfront. According to the experts at Service Dog Certifications, professional dog trainers might charge anywhere between $150 and $250 an hour.

Costs and Fees

Costs and Fees

Costs and Fees

NCTD discounts under certain circumstances:Current NCTD members may train and visit with additional pets by completing the Therapy Dog Training Class and Therapy Team Evaluation again with that new pet. Current NCTD members training with a new pet receive a 50% discount on the cost of each additional Therapy Dog Training Class they attend. Current NCTD instructors and evaluators who are training with a new pet may register for any of the training and evaluation events for free. Further details on how current NCTD members may obtain these discounts is described on the Member's Online Resources page in the Members Only portion of this website. Individuals requesting this assistance should write a letter (e-mail preferred) to the NCTD Board of Directors for review.

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